Casino Management

Services include market evaluation, strategy development, revenue management, event organization, key accounting, and poker management. Aleatrust has a global network of contacts and extensive experience in the industry.



Casino Network and Event Organization

Thanks to decades of experience in the gaming sector, Aleatrust has a worldwide network of contacts in the industry. Whether exchange with other providers, search for suitable suppliers, or the desire to address new players and markets - Aleatrust has the right partners and is looking forward to supporting you. 


The Aleatrust team regularly visits major trade fairs, follows product launches and stays up to date with the latest slot and live game innovations. We are also no strangers to Web 3.0, augmented and virtual reality, as well as other innovations, which will do much more than just set new accents in the industry in the coming years.

Supplier Network

Choosing the right equipment and gaming range is a decision that should be made carefully. Aleatrust knows the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment currently available on the market and will be happy to work with you to determine which range best suits your offer and your needs.

Operator Network

Particularly in direct exchanges between providers in the gaming sector, there is often a reluctance to share information. No one likes to reveal their secrets of success and as a result, the shared potential of an open exchange is not infrequently misjudged. Filtering the important contacts and leads in order to promote a relaxed and productive dialog is a challenge that Aleatrust gladly accepts.

Key Player Network

There are also quite a few key players and "influencers" in the gaming sector who need to be convinced. Aleatrust has already identified many of these guests and knows their needs, interests and preferences. Whether it is your own high-roller areas, the establishment of a sought-after game that is not offered in the surrounding area, or the development of new visitor groups - Aleatrust identifies the required key players and will gladly create an acquisition concept for you.

Event Organization and Optimation

It is not uncommon for events in gaming operations to be planned and scheduled out of "tradition". The power of this habit tempts providers time and again to disregard current trends, possible scheduling conflicts, as well as the general consideration of how timely and beneficial the event still is for the operator. Upon request, Aleatrust will examine the current planning processes and will be happy to create optimized concepts for you.

In the course of their respective careers, the members of the Aleatrust team have been significantly involved in the planning of countless events in gaming operations. From hand-picked highroller rounds to multi-day events with thousands of visitors - Aleatrust has profound knowledge and experience.


Poker Event and Stakeholder Management

Aleatrust offers an all-encompassing portfolio of poker-related services: from market evaluation and strategy development to the rollout of a new offering or the optimization of an existing one - including hosting high-profile tournaments and attracting top players from all over the world.

Poker has a unique characteristic among all games in a casino - it is the only game that is not played against the house, but is played by the players against each other. For this reason, it is often neglected and treated stepmotherly even by experienced gaming managers. Yet poker in particular enjoys such strong public interest and attention as no other game. Tournaments attract thousands of visitors from all over the world and are regularly broadcast on TV and streaming formats.

Many casinos have already recognized that poker should be given a higher profile and that a well-run poker section can make a significant contribution to revenue. While the poker game itself may at first glance appear to be staff-intensive and not very profitable, the indirect profitability from these additional visitors should not be overlooked.

Aleatrust has decades of experience in the poker sector, both in licensed casinos and in the private sector. Not only in Austria, but also internationally, the members of the Aleatrust team have organized and accompanied countless events of the biggest poker tours. Among others, our team was in action and responsible for the World Series of Poker (WSOP), World Poker Tour (WPT), European Poker Tour (EPT), European Poker Championship and Concord Million. Aleatrust is ready to assist in all areas of the poker game, knows the market situations, the internationally successful professionals and the highly successful hobby players and is more than happy to invite them to events and tournaments at Aleatrust clients.

Optimization of Poker Operations

Aleatrust analyzes your current poker operation and provides expert advice on how to make it even more successful. This includes on the one hand the rules, working methods and processes including training of the employees, and on the other hand the optimization of the offer (cash game limits, betting structures and buy-ins, tournament planning, structures and prize money).

Organization of Poker Tournaments and Festivals

Whether you already have an idea or prefer to hand over the entire planning - the Aleatrust team has successfully organized countless tournaments and can ensure that everything runs smoothly. This includes, if desired, the creation of tournament plans, the coordination with international events to avoid scheduling conflicts, the acquisition of personnel, the organization of equipment, and of course the management of the tournaments by trained staff.

Organization of Poker Equipment

There is hardly any other casino game where players spend as much time at the table as in poker. The selection of the right furniture and equipment therefore makes a decisive contribution to the comfort and subsequently the length of stay of the guests. Whether basic equipment or upgrades - Aleatrust has the contact to manufacturers and can filter out the suitable products together with you.

Organization of Poker Dealers

Not only through the training platform, but also through Europe-wide contacts to training centers and poker staffing agencies, Aleatrust has a broad network and can arrange temporary staff for large events.

Arrangement of Poker Events and Tours

Aleatrust has close contact with poker tours and poker travel providers who are always looking for new locations to host their events. Together we can find the right partner for events in your casino.


Revenue and Management Consulting

In existing structures and operations, it does not take long for a certain operational blindness to set in. Once established, an external view is needed to identify deficiencies and optimization potential. Aleatrust can provide this perspective, as well as concrete suggestions for maximizing operating results.

Sometimes it's just inconveniently placed gaming tables or slots that unintentionally reduce guest comfort and thus hurt the bottom line, or the new, supposedly better, seating doesn't stand up to the long-term test and the situation is recognized too late. The smallest changes can trigger a domino effect in gaming companies that must be stopped in time.

Casinos and gaming establishments may exist almost worldwide, but the perfect conditions are as regional as the respective cuisines and dialects. The correct way of addressing guests, the local house rules and customs for live and slot games, the feel-good effect for guests - all this can cause different reactions even at a distance of 100km. Thanks to leading positions in casinos and events worldwide, the Aleatrust team knows what is important. The team takes a close look at local conditions and customs to determine the best approach for your case, ensuring the perfect balance between local needs and the expectations of out-of-town visitors.

The service portfolio ranges from a spot check of the conditions, to several days of observation and analysis of the game operation, to an intensive screening of all processes, including behind the scenes. Aleatrust will gladly prepare an individual offer for your needs.