Online training courses for employees in the gaming industry - for dealers, hosts, attendants, and support staff, as well as customized courses for individual providers.


E-learning Platform for Employees in the Gaming Sector


The Aleatrust team knows how important skilled staff is in this sensitive market. From decades of experience in this industry, we offer a comprehensive and individually adaptable training portfolio at a fair price in conjunction with the online training professionals from Digiteach-Academy.

In cooperation with Digiteach-Academy, Aleatrust develops courses and tutorials for employees in the gaming industry. This is where the team's decades of national and international experience come into play. The latest trends and developments are incorporated as well as the tradition of the classics. Croupier and Croupière, Dealers, but also the personnel in catering, administration, organization, service and management absolutely need a profound understanding of the gaming procedures and all of its processes in order to provide all guests and participants with a perfect and carefree gaming experience.

Gaming operators worldwide are looking for staff with increasing urgency. However, the search for employees often fails due to time and location factors, as training does not necessarily guarantee employment and often requires applicants to relocate for months. On-site courses are time-consuming and very cost-intensive. If participants are found to be only conditionally suitable after a few days or weeks, the time spent beforehand was a bad investment.

With online courses, potential employees are prepared and screened, drastically reducing the time spent on in-person training. Applicants can thus already acquire almost all of the theoretical course content and train practical parts of the courses at home before they decide to take the job and complete the shortened in-person practical portion of the course at the respective company. Gaming operators thus reach a large number of applicants, who otherwise would not have been willing to invest the time and travel. During the courses, the content learned is tested after each chapter. This ensures that graduates of the courses already have all the necessary basic knowledge and have dealt intensively with the subject matter.


Dealer Training Online

Currently, the course for poker dealers is in production. In this program, candidates learn the game, its many variations, and the methods of operation from the ground up. Handling of cards and chips are included, as well as procedures, rules, tournaments, cash games, rake and any irregularities that may occur while working at the table. Graduates of this online course only need the finishing touches in handling and working methods before they are assigned to the table.

Subsequently, courses for roulette, blackjack and other casino games will also be offered starting in 2023. All courses are modular and can accordingly take into account local procedures and house rules. During production, Aleatrust and Digiteach-Academy will already anticipate all this and can thus adapt the courses to the respective wishes of the casinos.

Furthermore, there is of course the option to produce individual courses for casinos or to supplement individual parts of the courses at the customer's request.

Slot Parlor and Betting Office Training Online

Due to the often extensive branch network of providers, the training of new employees frequently becomes a personnel-intensive matter for the operators. A large part of the content to be imparted can also be done via customized online training. Employees can internalize the in-house processes and the required knowledge at home, which significantly reduces the personnel-intensive training time.


Receptionist and Cashier Training Online

Online training is also beneficial for these areas. New employees can learn the procedures and processes before they start work for the first time. In case of system changes or new procedures, an online course replaces the personnel- and time-intensive on-site training.

Responsible Gaming (RG) Training Online

All licensed gaming operators require regular RG training for their employees. Aleatrust currently offers an RG Basic course and an RG Advanced course in the E-Casino Academy portfolio. A special tailor-made training course for employees of Austrian betting shops is being worked on intensively and will also be available shortly. Confirmations of participation and certificates to prove the consumed RG content will of course be issued.

Of course, your internal training can also be recorded and made available to your employees via the learning platform.

Compliance Training Online

Subsequently, regular compliance training is also offered on all topics of this complex area. Individual training videos for your processes can be produced if desired.

Security Training Online

Gaming operators need a comprehensive security concept to protect guests, employees and material assets. General training in this area is offered, as well as courses created specifically for your company.

Annual Safety Briefings Online

Many areas of a company require annual refresher courses for all employees. Whether cleaning, fire protection, first aid, and so forth - all theoretical content and most practical instructions can be taught via an online course with a certificate of attendance.