and Sustainability

Our name Aleatrust is a combination of the Latin alea for dice and the English trust. This is intended to symbolically express the principle of responsibility. Responsibility runs through everything we conceive and accomplish. In the context of our core competence, gaming, but also beyond that in our dealings with people, in our own team, and of course especially with our customers, business partners and other stakeholders in politics, economy and society.

The team of Aleatrust comes with many years of experience in the gaming industry. However, we are also constantly working on the further development of our skills and know-how. Experience enables us to react quickly to necessities and to recognize opportunities. Nevertheless, our approach is not spontaneous, but reflective and holistic. That is why ESG and sustainability are at the beginning of all planning and strategy for us. They must never be an afterthought to compensate for the consequences of ill-considered actions. For Aleatrust they represent rather the core of our founding idea. We want to shape gaming in a socially sustainable way through our consulting and training services.

The Aleatrust team stands for

Responsible gaming that brings joy and entertainment - with no regrets

Sustainable player protection that puts people first

Modern recruiting, sustainable management and further development of employees

Strengthening and enhancing the professional profiles of casinos - above all the dealers, but also gaming managers, hosts and all others who contribute to making an evening in a gaming venue a positive experience

We practice ESG with the E-Casino Academy

In order to be able to roll out this quality initiative for regulated gaming on a broad scale, Aleatrust and its partners have created the training platform "E-Casino Academy" (ECA), with the intention of providing low-threshold and low-cost access to training, comprehensive instruction and ongoing performance monitoring. It is our goal that only the best of the best are active on the market. And that they constantly undergo on-the-job training, with annual updates and evaluation of the state of their knowledge.

The training uses all digital possibilities, but at the same time integrates modern applications in the analog working environment.

Online education as an enabler, innovative and high-quality access to content and inputs from all over the world, global sharing of experiences and insights, and the alignment of current developments in regulated gaming worldwide.

We base our expertise on decades of experience in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but also have an excellent network and deep insights into the relevant markets worldwide.

The modular system offers the full range of training and development opportunities: from basic courses to short-term training and advanced courses, up to meaningful annual evaluations and updates for all staff.

Equal access opportunities regardless of residence, thus opening up new target groups and regions. We offer our training modules in all desired languages with subtitles.

Our 5 key
SDG goals

We support the SDG goals and realize them wherever we can make a contribution within the scope of our activities:

Goal 4 - Quality education

Our training programs are aimed at all interested parties without distinction. They create the basis for lasting jobs in a stable sector of the economy. Our courses are barrier-free and thus promote integration, inclusion and diversity.

Goal 5 - Gender equality

We offer training for all genders. The jobs that are available to graduates of our training programs are open to all genders equally.

Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

Aleatrust rejects all forms of exploitation and unfair employment practices. With our training programs, we want to contribute to self-empowerment: good vocational training is the best protection against exploitation.

Goal 10 - Reduced inequalities

The most effective means of combating inequality are sufficient opportunities for employment and fair pay. For this equal opportunity to be implemented, all groups must truly be included. We see the principle of "Leave no one behind (LNOB)" realized in our open, barrier-free and inclusive training programs.

Goal 13 - Climate action

Online offerings eliminate thousands of miles of travel to and from terrestrial training facilities and the associated CO2 emissions. As a provider of online services, we are required to continuously optimize our electricity consumption. We work with modern, energy-saving servers and - depending on availability - strive for a maximum share of green electricity in our power mix.