Responsible Gaming
& Compliance

Expertise in the field of responsible gaming and casino compliance. Aleatrust has a network of national and international experts and can provide support and training in all areas of compliance.


Responsible Gaming


Responsible Gaming

Gaming needs clear rules, active supervision and responsible market participants. Aleatrust has an excellent network of national and international experts and provides comprehensive expertise in the field of responsible gaming.

Aleatrust has extensive international experience on key issues surrounding Responsible Gaming (RG). The term itself conveys much more than the common translation "player protection with a focus on vulnerable groups", because many of the measures in terms of "responsible gaming" go even further.

RG is not only a central task for all reputable, licensed providers, it is also a mandate for legislators and the respective authorities and institutions involved in creating framework conditions and monitoring, as well as institutions in the counseling and therapy of people with problem gambling behavior.

Aleatrust is part of this comprehensive network, both on a national and international level, and is in constant exchange with experts in order to always be able to incorporate the latest findings from theory and practice in the development of concepts.

However, prevention is only one side of the coin. Even the best legislation cannot prevent operators from circumventing this framework and operating in the semi-illegal to illegal area, mostly without any assumption of responsibility. Also in this case Aleatrust is on hand, ready to advise authorities and their task teams, to provide information and to offer professional training.

Aleatrust sees itself as a link between operators and legislators. Thanks to decades of experience in the gaming sector, as well as excellent contacts to player protection organizations and RG experts, the Aleatrust team can impartially act as mediator and consultant to determine the most effective and sustainable ways to ensure player protection at the highest level on the one hand, and to evaluate the economic viability of these regulations on the other.

A win-win situation for all sides!

Casino Compliance

Compliance is a cornerstone of a sustainable offer. Thanks to the experience of the Aleatrust team and a network of experts in this field, support and training in all areas of compliance are offered. The following is an excerpt of the current services.

Information and Data Security
This area is often neglected, but it is imperative, especially in view of the large amount of sensitive data that a gaming company collects and processes on a daily basis. A solid concept, as well as clearly defined competencies and processes protect both the operator and the highly sensitive customer, supplier and employee data.

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer have long been a cornerstone of compliance and are now indispensable. The regulations in this regard are regularly updated and expanded throughout the EU, as most recently with the mandatory PEP (Politically Exposed Person) check. Aleatrust helps you stay up to date and define processes that comply with all regulations without unnecessarily complicating the guest experience.

Casino and quality management systems go hand in hand with other compliance regulations. Supported by a network of specialists, Aleatrust has the overview and can filter out the suitable systems for you or propose an individual solution.

Certification Processes
Aleatrust assists in all certification processes and has experts in its team who have already successfully accompanied countless certifications in the gaming sector. Even for individual solutions, nothing stands in the way of ISO certification with this support.