Casino Security

Implementation of prevention and detection measures, defense and traceability systems, and employee training. Aleatrust also offers expertise in IT security to protect sensitive data.



Casino Security Solutions

The image of casinos as the first address for large-scale robberies, which is often portrayed in movies, has long since ceased to correspond to reality - provided you have taken precautions. Aleatrust has the expertise and implements the best security and prevention concepts together with you. 

Like banks and armored transport companies, casinos are one of the places where large amounts of money and other material assets are regularly located and which are therefore exposed to a greatly increased risk.

In order to counteract well-known criminal attacks such as burglary, robbery or theft, it is necessary to implement the most modern technical installations and personnel equipment for prevention, detection, defense and traceability. This is the only way to ensure support for rapid and efficient prosecution by the authorities, especially in light of the special facets of (sometimes internationally organized) gaming fraud in live and slot gaming.

In addition, the data security already described under Compliance must be ensured in order to protect highly sensitive customer data, but of course also internal company information, from unauthorized access.

The Aleatrust partners have expertise and excellent references in the gaming sector, both in property protection and in the protection of material assets, and last but not least in IT security.

The services include comprehensive security concepts, as well as employee screening, employee awareness training or stress tests of your existing systems and processes.