Legal, Litigation and communication

Extensive expertise and know-how in legal and litigation issues, corporate communications, and public relations/public affairs for companies in the gaming sector.



Legal and Litigation

Gaming is always subject to an array of national and international regulations. Only proven experts have the overview in this area. Aleatrust has the right experts in its network - with extensive experience, deep insight and a hands-on mentality.

Hardly any other area is as strictly regulated as gaming. Often, everything already hinges on the choice of the right legal team. The Aleatrust team has successfully participated in several comprehensive licensing applications and has many years of experience in gaming law. A broad network of experts in national and international gaming law ensures that your decisions today and in the future, both nationally and on a European level, are based on a solid legal foundation.

Hand in hand with the areas of Responsible Gaming and Compliance, chances of success in licensing processes can be solidly assessed in advance. If desired, a legal framework can be created that protects you from recourse claims and other undesirable side effects by taking action instead of reacting.

It is inevitable for providers in the gaming sector that some differences end up in court. In this case, the experts can draw on extensive litigation experience before national and international high courts to help you obtain justice.

Corporate Communications

Gaming companies are constantly in the focus of the public, media and also political perception. All the more important to have a well thought-out corporate communications strategy from start to finish.

Especially in gaming companies, the individual employees often come from different regions and countries, all of which have their own forms of expression. Developing a precise corporate communications strategy is therefore essential for sustainable success.

Together with you, our experts will develop all the necessary guidelines to create a consistent image on all channels. Corporate Communications includes internal communication (employees) as well as the three areas of external communication ( guests, press, business partners). If a consistent strategy is pursued, the corporate identity is strengthened, the recognition value is increased, professionalism is ensured, the external impact is efficiently controlled and, last but not least, the working atmosphere is improved.

An often neglected aspect in this context is that corporate communications does not only steer written communication, but that it is definitely beneficial to have consistent corporate communication in direct conversations as well. This ensures a uniform language and corporate culture, especially for companies with multiple locations.